Get to know some of the rescues

This here is Pickles! He is an Eastern Whitelip (Neohelix albolabris.) He came to us when he was just a baby, and has been with us ever since. He is truly an iconic fellow, because he is our very first ambassador snail! He is such a fun snail! 




This is Rocky! He was found with a completely torn up shell and not much hope. He was the snail that inspired the 'snail bandage.' He is an Eastern Whitelip (Neohelix albolabris) and is almost full grown! His shell is all healed up and he is living his best life!




This is Gary! He is an eastern White Lip snail (Neohelix albolabris). He is one of our many rescues. He was found with some slight injuries that healed in no time, but some shell damage left him with a unique shell. He is quite friendly and loves to cuddle with his BFF Cheesy.





This is Cheese! Cheese is a rat that we rescued during the summer of 2022. She was surrendered to a local animal shelter, alongside her brother Macaroni. She struggled fiercely though some serious health issues, and abuse, and sadly based away on November 19, 2022. You remain in our hearts forever Cheese.