Our Policies and DOA

  Here at Starlight Snail Rescue, we welcome all people and animals, with out judgment. However, we have policies on our animals, shipping, adoption, and more. 


- We DO NOT ship outside the United States or ACROSS state lines. It is illegal for anyone within the United States to ship CERTAIN* snail and slug species across state lines or outside of the country. The same goes for shipping them INTO the country. We are happy to explain this to you via email, etc, if need be. 

- We DO NOT ship in extreme weather conditions, including: flooding, severe thunderstorms, ice, extreme heat, etc. 

- We DO NOT ship animals without having a conversation with the adopter. This also includes potential foster parents. Please contact us via email, etc, to adopt. 

- We DO NOT do much breeding here at Starlight Snail Rescue. However, when we do, we cull ALL runts. CAPTIVE BRED SNAILS WILL NEVER BE MARKED ON THEIR INFO CARD. ANY runts we DO NOT cull go into our runt program. Where they are kept to live the rest of their lives in peace. NEVER released, bred, etc. In some cases, the runts get adopted, with special care guides. THESE RUNTS WILL BE LABELED AS RUNTS ON THEIR INFO CARD.

- We do not make much money here at Starlight Snail Rescue, if any at all. We do not ask for any money at all. But any donations of money or supplies, we get are greatly appreciated! Contact us via email, or another source, to donate/inquire.

- We are not liable for any animals DOA. We ship on business days, and in GOOD weather conditions. If your animal is DOA, PLEASE contact us and we will send you a care package for your loss, and help you deal with this loss. However we DO NOT offer refunds. 

- We DO NOT handle or sell any animals that are illegal in the United States. The giant African Land snail is ILLEGAL to own in the United States. We DO NOT possess and WILL NOT possess any of these snails. 


Thank you for reading our policies, please contact us for inquires, suggestions, and everything else! We love your feedback <3


*There are select species of snails and slugs that CAN be shipped across state lines. We will label these animals as "legal" on their info card. Please contact us via email, or another source, for more info on this!