Spring Has Sprung

Published on 2 April 2022 at 12:39

   Things have been very different this spring at Starlight Snail Rescue. We have not had half as many rescues as we did last year, and we are not nearly as busy. We have also had to downsize quite a bit. Speaking as the owner, taking care of all these animals, especially as a teenager, is very difficult. It takes a lot of strength, money, and time. All things that change for a teenager often. One month I may have enough money for vet bills, food, adoptions, etc, I may be feeling fine, and I may even have plenty of free time. But the next month, that can all change. I can loose all my money due to large expenses, my mental health can get really bad, and I can be overladed with studies. So, this year I have taken some time to take care of myself, but still have a passion for animals. 


   If you are looking to adopt or foster from us, please know that due to these things, your emails/texts will usually only be answered on weekends, so please be patient. If you would like help us in any way, please just reach out to us! Any encouraging words, or donations help us a ton! Even if you cannot donate, adopt, foster etc, just reach out to us, we appreciate even just hearing from you, and about your snails. <3

- Art below was made by Lina, a previous adopter of Starlight Snail Rescue -

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