Our Snail Educators!

Published on 28 September 2021 at 11:09


   Here at Starlight Snail Rescue we have snail educator! You may be asking,"what is a snail educator?" Well a snail educator is a just what it sounds like, a person who educates the public about snails/slugs. I am so glad I have these wonderful snail educators working with me to help tell everyone about these amazing creatures. 

                              -Hannah C.





   If you ever find yourself with questions about snails or slugs, feel free to reach out! We have a wonderful care guide about snails that you can check out, but if you want to learn more, just ask. You can message our general rescue email by filling out a form below, or you can specifically ask any of our educators! 




   Frankie is a wonderful snail and slug parent! They are from Oklahoma, and are open to answering any questions. If you live in Oklahoma and are looking to get a snail or slug, Frankie would be a great person to reach out too. They are looking to educate more people in their area, and beyond! They have lots of snails and slugs of their own, and can educate you about both! Their email will be below if you have any questions. 






   Roman is an amazing snail dad! He has experience with both snails and slugs, and would love to answer your questions. He is from Michigan, and is working on educating people in his area about these animals. He doesn't have any snails or slugs for adoption, but has some rescues of his own! If you live in Michigan, or another place, and have any questions, reach out to him. His contact info will be below as well!





  These are the only assigned snail educators we have at the moment, but you can always fill out a form below for questions if you'd like! If you are interested in helping out with rescue, feel free to contact us. We would love to hear from you! The purpose of our snail educators is to educate different parts fo the US about snails and slugs. They will also answer questions out of their area as well. We are so proud of them, and thankful that God brought them to the rescue. 




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Amanda Raymor
a year ago

I have been looking to take in a land snail for such a LONG time but am finding it highly difficult as I live in Michigan and laws are incredibly complex and make it near impossible to offer a home to any snails in need of a loving owner and friend.

I'm against online purchasers since because, other than the fact that most of them being scammers AND highly illegal, shipping any live animal/insect in a box is the most inhumane thing I have ever heard of in my life.

I guess I was wondering if you had any advice on how I could adopt a pet land snail? Or a few?
I know I can legally own Grove, Burgandy, or Milk Snail.
I appreciate any and all feedback.

Thank you so much.