The Newest Rescues!

Published on 2 August 2021 at 19:27


  Today I will tell you guys about our newest rescues! They are such amazing snails, I knew I had to write a blog post about them. 


   It all happened about two months ago, when I sat down to answer some snail questions on a snail forum. I scrolled upon a post about a snail owner who had fifty-three baby snails that she could not take care of. She was a true snail lover and could not even think about killing the babies, so she reached out to people on the forum. When I saw the post I instantly thought of the rescue, that I happened to just recently start. I replied saying I had snail rescue and I could possibly help her re-home the babies, or I could find people near her location. She then replied saying that she loved my website and would love for me to help her re-home them. The only issue is I am only a teenager, if you didn't know already, so I couldn't just drive to get them alone. we happened to be going on vacation soon near where she lived I talked to my parents, who told me that it wasn't possible and they were very sorry. I was very heartbroken that I couldn't help her and these snails, but I knew if this is what God wanted me to do he would find a way for me to help these snails.


   A few days later me and my family went on vacation. I had so much fun with my family, but couldn't stop thinking about those snails. Finally the day came when I asked my parents again, they said that they didn't se how it was possible. A few days pass, I was still sad and thinking about the snails. Then my Mom told me, that we were going to pick the snails up on our way home! I was thrilled to hear this! I did not know how I would get the snails all adopted, nor how I would take care of them all, I only knew this is what God wanted me to do. 



   The next day we headed home, making a few stops a long the way, including the pick up of the new baby snails! It took us a while to get there, but we finally did and picked them up. The original caretaker was so sweet and took wonderful care of the baby snails! 



   The babies are now two months old and some are starting to enter into the adoption stage. I love these babies with my whole heart, and it has been an incredible journey watching them grow. I pray every day that God will find the right homes for these young snails. I hope you all enjoyed this rescue story! stay tuned for more! 



 A special thanks to Dana Jenkins for letting me take care of these wonderful snails! 


Contact me below if you would like to foster or adopt one of these snails! 




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