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Published on 15 March 2023 at 22:22

  Even though I adore snails, I have to take breaks. That is why I have disappeared for so long. Taking care of hundreds of snails is a lot of work, and is very demanding. Especially when you do it all alone. 

  I just wanted to make sure, you all, as my viewers knew that I STILL love snails, and that I am still fighting through the challenges of taking care of, and rescue, snails. It may be challenging, with my own health issues, but I am still fighting. 


  To keep up with my rescue's activity, check out our social media! And check out my Etsy shop below to see what I am up to! 



Micro snail, Koper, Slovenia April 2017

The photo above is from this wonderful article about micro snails, that any snail enthusiast should give a read. All credit goes to them. 



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