Hello! This is our adoption page! Here you will find a list of all the animals we have available. Feel free to look through all our animals for adoption, and contact us by filling out a form below, calling us, or via social media. We will get back to you within one to two weeks. All the animals on this page are currently available for adoption and fostering. We ONLY ship to people within our state, but if you have an emergency please still contact us regardless of your location. 

IMPORTANT NOTE PLEASE READ: almost ALL of our snails and slugs for adoption are wild caught. Meaning they could have a history with medical issues or have current medical issues. We often do have captive bred snails and slugs, but it will be specifically listed. PLEASE be aware of this when adopting and ask questions about the animal you are adopting. This will always be different with our other animals though. 








Loise is a wonderful snail currently looking for a home! She is fully grown, and would be a wonderful companion for anyone!! 







Fruitloop is a super cute little snails! He enjoys carrots and tank cleanings, and will always greet you with a wave of his antennas. He is small for his age, and has some minor issues with his shell, but that does not stop him! He would be a great pet for anyone! 







Peppy is a super active snail! She loves bell peppers, and lots of humidity. And she would a be a great first time snail for anyone! 






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