Snails have always been a part of my life. Wether I was touching one or just thinking of one, snails were always there. In the mass confusion of 2020, I found myself with a ton of new pet snails. I had them for awhile and decided to start a YouTube channel. That endeavor led me to start rescuing snails. As I got more and more snails, I was more and more curious about their illnesses and lives. Of course, I knew how to take care of them and knew a lot about them, but I decided to dive deeper. 

   Now from doctoring snails to finding them homes, I have officially opened my own snail rescue for snails, slugs, frogs, and so many other creatures! I hope you enjoy learning all about these creatures. Feel free to join me on my journey of helping animals one snail at a time.  


                                              -Hannah C.









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